Art Gallery Fucking

Lol it was a good day! I dressed my sexy checkered sweater and went into town to hunt! I chose the design district, and probably believe that God loves me, because after a short time there was this guy … He introduced himself as Sebastian, and said that in urgent need of cash and asked if I would not give him a few dollars. I said that yes, I brought you a little dough, but must earn it yourself. I said only that they involved gay sex in public placesout in public. He said that I can do with it what I want but it was obvious that he was skeptical from the beginning to set. We visited an art gallery located close because it was midweek and then visited it many people. A  turns me sex out in public! ;) . See the reaction of visitors and dedication of my „worker”: D Out In Public

Ass for Grass!

Hello sick fuckers! This week in Out In Public I’m chilling out with my homie cole Streets. I promised him the day at the beach, unfortunately I had to go that time to the plant nursery first to get some plants for my new pad… He was bitchy about that but I gotta do what I gotta do! So we got there and the help wasn’t helpful at all so I had to ask the owner of the nursery – guess what happened? He seemed to be digging my boy out! Lol So I told them to work for me on my yard so they could do nasty things there but they just started getting it on right there in front of everyone in the nursery, talking about saving trees lol! Check this update out and enjoy! Gay Public Sex

The GYM Fuck

For some time I started to practice to improve the appearance of my body. Mmm … handsome boys like sporty silhouette. By the way, you can catch something. There, they are sexy boys! For several days I watched the sexiest male asses and set its sights on no one;). And this time I was lucky! I learned that my friend also turns out in public! So we make it together at the gym! My perversion is so strong that the fear of arrest in general does not bother me! See what I did with my new friend they met on the machines to exercise! OutInPublic

Sweetness from Alabama

Wass up dudes! This week in Out in Gay Public update we are chilling with the homie Wesley out in the middle of nowhere… My boy is so crazy and out of nowhere this little white boy just came straight into his sights and guess what? Wesley just literally jumped at him! So I had to convince him to go out to the beach with us and after that he went with us. But as far as you know me… I had o ante up the stakes and asked him if he wants some fun with my hot friend. So he actually took money and caught the dick in his hand! Check this out what was after! Enjoy! Gay Public

Roof-Top Fucking!

This week updated is even more interesting! Recently passing car ran into a guy who lost his wallet. Frantically searched for it in his pocket because he wanted to buy something at the store. I offered him $ 100 for a quickie in the parking lot. Not objected to as it turned out that it is gay and loves sex in public places. So we had the same tastes. Quickly I took to be sucking his cock. Then he lay down on the tarmac and began to fuck my new friend in his tight hole. Then we switched roles. At the end of the presentation we finished playing with our cock hands. Love Out In Public. You’ll love it as you see ;)

Video Store Fucking!

Wass up dudes?? Stay tuned with us this week cause we have nice update for you! This week in Out in Public I’m chilling with my meaty boy Aaron and we were hanging out in front of this adult hot video store… So we could see that young boy walking around and he was actually in his way to this adult video shop so we could ask him if we can tag along, guess what?/ he said yes and was all for it. When we  went in the shop he came clean about his sexuality so I could ask him to have some fun with my meaty boy Aaron and he did… Check this out to see more!! Enjoy! Out In Public

Fucking a Lot in the Parking Lot

Well, we have for you next film Out In Public! Rejoice, because it’s really difficult to find buyers for this type of frolic! So this time I met on the street a young man named Tyler. It turned out that he came to Miami to study law. And what students need most? Well, of course, that the loot! This is exactly what we offer. But only if we get something in return. For example, sucking cock in a supermarket parking lot? Why not! But I admit that he is crazy and dangerous? What will be the reaction of the city guard, when he sees two guys fucking on the bonnet? It certainly cost me a lot more but it was worth it! Tyler was a bit nervous but he cock masterfully. Gay sex in public places is the cure for the soul :) Out In Public

Spencer’s Out for some Ass!

This week’s update in Out in Public is about being out in Hialeah! I was there out with my homie Spencer. He’s so horny mess man so we went out there and he straight way spots the Italian dude that couldn’t speak English at all! But he liked my boy so mych, you could see that in his eyes! So I threw him some money so he came with us with no doubts. Check this update out and enjoy! OutInPublic

200 Buck for a Fuck!!

This update is a total inflection OutInPublic! We are doing more and more crazy things. This time, Malachi accosted on the street and offered him big money for showing cock. But this time I had a risky whim – a building site. The game consisted of two times more dough than the wage normally but the risk was based on the fact that the team was working around the builders who do not like as we are. Fucking in public is really horny and brave men! Come and see I was over our Out In Public;) . We guarantee good entertainment for those days off! OutInPublic

Chillin with Phenix!

Wass up guys! This week in we are chilling with the homie Phenix. He came all the way from Dallas, Texas so we could chill with him. We saw that kid crossing the street so we went ahead and convince him but he was so shy in the beging… But after I told him about the money he could get that time he was all us in every way LOL! Check this update out and enjoy!