Fucking Outside and Not Caring!

What do you get when you put two gay men who have never met together and let them fuck where ever they please? What do you get when these two men wish to fuck out in the open? You get out in the public! These fellows are excited enough with out adding the act of fucking in the public to the mix. And boy do they fuck! They get down right on a busy street while people pass by trying not to look.

Getting Ass at the Bar!

Out in public is back with another cool update. Lucas and David hit it off pretty good at the bar. There was no holding back these two. You could feel the lust in the air. These two just wanted to fuck. That is exactly what happened they did. Eat ass, suck cock and really hard fuck. Hope you like as much as I do!

Get It Little Gupiee

I met with my friend Tristan, who came from out of town and really wanted to see South Beach. He said he wants to leave the city and find some hot little thing to pull them to the „dark side”. Tristan is one of the gay association Xander, popup growing public sex. He decided that it will take me to the roof of the largest skyscraper in the city and show me what it’s all about. You will not want to miss this sharp update….

This Isn’t Your’ Friends House

One day, walking around town I noticed that it looks to me to be a cool guy. Probably sensed that I was gay, and therefore send signals to me. So I walked up to him and talked. Justin – because that was his name caught my eye. Its incredibly muscled buttocks caused the sudden I felt my blood flow to the penis. After that, it was clear that it wants to casual sex. He suggested that we approach the business located near an abandoned factory to practice gay fun. You have to see what happened in the public gay sex. Yes, it is sometimes during sex in public placesPublic Gay Sex

College Boy

One day after David walked in one of the local college to find a naive student who needs some cash. As you know, the student usually has no dough and a few dollars can do a lot ;) . After a short time he saw David sitting on a bench, a young student. His name was Seth, and had a good piece of ass by knowledgeable eye of David ;) . Boasted that it is studying culinary arts and loves meat. So I offered him a meal as meat …: D OutInPublic

Empty Lot

One hot day, got to the nearest petrol station to buy a cooler. As we walked between shelf drinks, I noticed that I watched a boy. It looked sweet and innocent in her mouth this teen. When I approached him to ask him why he looks at me, asked only whether I’m gay. I replied that yes, after which the young man firmly grasped my hand and ran outside. He was so horny that as soon as he saw standing near the pick-up, stood behind him and immediately took off his trousers, which emerged from a large piece of cock! Leaned over his gun and began to suck him. Young was surprised that I was able to swallow it whole, since, as stated, no one gave the council had not swallow it whole. Of course, I praised the fact that my throat is deep and there are already gun I had in my mouth. We exchanged our roles, this time he knelt and began to lick my ass, looking fearfully around, and nobody coming. Quickly it went into action … The young man packed his long shaft in my anus. I must admit that the good stallion it!

Hialeah Ass

From the morning I had a genuine desire for public fucking hot. So I started to walk around the city. In one of the shops I noticed that the boy sitting there smiling at me. I thought to myself ‘this is my lucky day „and went to talk to him. When I looked him, it was clear that he was a peasant. That’s bad haircut and face terminator;). In addition, smelled as fuck! Confided to me that a few days looking for a boyfriend in the hot fuck. You’re lucky man! – I said. Greg, because that was his name, he was shy and quiet. He told me how he fought for a few days of his penis in a public park. So we went there … His shyness is gone, as soon as I showed him his big, hard dick. His deep throat and tight ass were the fulfillment of my dreams! You have to check it out! I’ve never enjoyed the park so much! Out In Public

Busted in the Bathroom

Last week I visited my friend from Europe. He wanted to shoot some video clips in our city, so I decided to run he. At one point I noticed a boy sitting at the bus stop. Both the friend and found that cool cake with him and decided to make a film with his participation ;) . We approached him and asked directly if we can try to lick suck his cock for $ 100 Dude agreed without hesitation, but said that there must be a secluded place. So we went into standing near the trash. I took off my pants and the boy began to suck his dick. After a few inputs, the three decided to come after the city’s pubs. In one of them went to the toilet to all our gay dreams come true. He fucked hard anus boy encountered. Of course, the toilet bowl. He told me that excites him doing this out in public OutInPublic

Dane Finds Some Dick

Today I met a friend who came from Denmark to Florida. We’ve known since the study because he studied in the USA. I think that the friend is gay. Comes with the intention to visit certain places. I promised him to provide. On South Beach, we sat on a bench and looked at the passing to the people to choose among them some hot male ass. Well, we have found! His name was Jake. For $ 20 with the shorts pulled out his cock to the Dane took him in hand. Do not bother him that he is out in public. When I suggested to him more cash to play with my friend, took us on a roof of a skyscraper to give up on that real gay fantasies!

The Aisle Defile

South Beach is the best place to find gay ass ready for anything. On every corner you will find a guy willing to fucking for cash. This time too there was a problem finding a gay man who was willing to out in public! We have for you a very cool video of a nice guy. We found him in the middle of a busy street. Agreed to our proposal of sex for money. However, he stressed that it must have something to eat first, because it is hungry. So we went to the nearest grocery store. When literally looked cooler with meat, I suggested to him to see my meat. I guess he liked because he took it into his mouth to taste the flavor. Later he asked me politely that he wanted to see how the meat will feel in his rectum. So I started to fuck the ass of a boyfriend at the candy shelf. I wonder if he felt sweet;). After a sharp gay sex in a public place, we stood in line to pay for the goods. We felt as if nothing had happened. You wonder what really happened:) Out In Public