Dane Finds Some Dick

Today I met a friend who came from Denmark to Florida. We’ve known since the study because he studied in the USA. I think that the friend is gay. Comes with the intention to visit certain places. I promised him to provide. On South Beach, we sat on a bench and looked at the passing to the people to choose among them some hot male ass. Well, we have found! His name was Jake. For $ 20 with the shorts pulled out his cock to the Dane took him in hand. Do not bother him that he is out in public. When I suggested to him more cash to play with my friend, took us on a roof of a skyscraper to give up on that real gay fantasies!

The Aisle Defile

South Beach is the best place to find gay ass ready for anything. On every corner you will find a guy willing to fucking for cash. This time too there was a problem finding a gay man who was willing to out in public! We have for you a very cool video of a nice guy. We found him in the middle of a busy street. Agreed to our proposal of sex for money. However, he stressed that it must have something to eat first, because it is hungry. So we went to the nearest grocery store. When literally looked cooler with meat, I suggested to him to see my meat. I guess he liked because he took it into his mouth to taste the flavor. Later he asked me politely that he wanted to see how the meat will feel in his rectum. So I started to fuck the ass of a boyfriend at the candy shelf. I wonder if he felt sweet;). After a sharp gay sex in a public place, we stood in line to pay for the goods. We felt as if nothing had happened. You wonder what really happened:) Out In Public

Ride One Dick in Your Ass, Today!

Hi guys! This week nice thing happened to me and my boy Brock. We needed new car so we went to the nearest car dealership to make a good deal. And do you know what was then? We found there very hot young care salesman who swings both ways here in Miami. We gave him a good deal that he couldn’t refuse – for only $200 he gave Brock a blow job and I bought the car. So he could sell the car and make some extra money. That is how me and Brock ended up with our new Land Cruiser. Check this out and enjoy! Out In Public

Fucking in the Theater

Does anyone of you ever dreamed about fucking in the cinema? Yes, I’m sure many of you are considering this option. And just today a new update Out In Public will get what is dreamed. This time a couple of boys she met on a social network. Their conversation did not last long. It can be said that they decided to have sex in a public place immediately! One of them is going to go to the cinema, and therefore suggested that it might be interesting. They agreed before the cinema, bought tickets and popcorn. When they entered the cinema hall, it turned out that people settled down in the first row, and the rear are free. Well, this is an opportunity for gay fun! The boys took the hands of his roosters. After a short time a second based on the earlier government, and strongly stuck his dick in anus colleague. Under the force of thrust, wooden chairs began to creak rhythmically. You are probably curious to see how our adventure was over gay men who like to play in public places?

Open House Fuckin’

Wass up guys? This week we have an episode Out in Public, we are out “house shopping” so you just can’t get bore with this events! So we go out there just to check things out in this event and when we are entering the house, we see in the house next door a dude who’s throwing something away, so we’re going there to check. The guy is so nice to us so we ask him to come and join us in the open house… Check this out what is after! OutInPublic

A Ride in Russia

Joey has horny friends. All of them come from outside the city, so right here would include some hot young ass. So we set out to research in the city. Our trip did not last long because after a few minutes we saw nothing the young man. He waited at the bus stop and its goal was to get to the beach. We have always had reservations about the task of the first questions to see if a guy is gay. Cheap enough for some text like „hey man! How long is your cock? LOL. We asked them and this time. The boy just smiled, and that the bus arrived, he asked that we went with him inside. It’s crazy how we manage to find such a person that will do the most outlandish shit in public places! The sight of these two gay men, fucking in a public bus sparked outrage among the rest of the passengers. We have to get used to them, however, this kind of harm that could be created videos for our users OutInPublic :) OutInPublic

Lifeguard on Cock!

Hello dudes! This week’s OutinPublic.com update we are out in the beach with meaty Seth but the beach is so dead cause ereryone’s at work now. Just no one in sight until we saw that little lifeguard “on” duty… we approach him then and I noticed that he may be gay, so I went ahead and offer him some money just to show my boy good time, and guess what happened?? He tookes the bait and did exactly what I wanted him to do! Lol You must check this out! Enjoy! OutInPublic.com

Art Gallery Fucking

Lol it was a good day! I dressed my sexy checkered sweater and went into town to hunt! I chose the design district, and probably believe that God loves me, because after a short time there was this guy … He introduced himself as Sebastian, and said that in urgent need of cash and asked if I would not give him a few dollars. I said that yes, I brought you a little dough, but must earn it yourself. I said only that they involved gay sex in public placesout in public. He said that I can do with it what I want but it was obvious that he was skeptical from the beginning to set. We visited an art gallery located close because it was midweek and then visited it many people. A  turns me sex out in public! ;) . See the reaction of visitors and dedication of my „worker”: D Out In Public

Ass for Grass!

Hello sick fuckers! This week in Out In Public I’m chilling out with my homie cole Streets. I promised him the day at the beach, unfortunately I had to go that time to the plant nursery first to get some plants for my new pad… He was bitchy about that but I gotta do what I gotta do! So we got there and the help wasn’t helpful at all so I had to ask the owner of the nursery – guess what happened? He seemed to be digging my boy out! Lol So I told them to work for me on my yard so they could do nasty things there but they just started getting it on right there in front of everyone in the nursery, talking about saving trees lol! Check this update out and enjoy! Gay Public Sex

The GYM Fuck

For some time I started to practice to improve the appearance of my body. Mmm … handsome boys like sporty silhouette. By the way, you can catch something. There, they are sexy boys! For several days I watched the sexiest male asses and set its sights on no one;). And this time I was lucky! I learned that my friend also turns out in public! So we make it together at the gym! My perversion is so strong that the fear of arrest in general does not bother me! See what I did with my new friend they met on the machines to exercise! OutInPublic